Client: REBBL

Project: REBBL Festival Sampling Program

Services: Strategy, Event, Social


REBBL, the name, is an acronym for roots, extracts, berries, bark and leaves. Utilizing the most revered healing plants on earth, various all-plant constituents are used to craft the world's finest super herb Elixirs. Our goal was to create an onsite experience and sampling program, true to the REBBL brand, for use at music and yoga festivals.


REBBL's activation space was truly #poweredbyplants, with each touch point further celebrating this important message. Their space became a natural hub to sip REBBL with new friends, relax and get to know the brand.



"The amount of positive feedback we received during our first event with INJECT was almost overwhelming. The amount of detail that went into our space, from the hand-painted signage to the decorative planting pots, to the coffee beans, turmeric powder, and coconuts placed tastefully throughout the space. It was truly on brand with REBBL and demonstrated the essence of our company beautifully."

—Rachel Hauser, REBBL Marketing Team